Indigo: an affordable modular and connected spectrometer

IndiGo : An affordable, modular spectrometer connected to a smartphone

IndiGo is a totally new generation of visible spectrometers. It is a compact modular spectrometer connected in Bluetooth to a smartphone. It allows the user to measure emission, absorption or transmission spectra from 370 nm to 900 nm with a resolution of 5nm. IndiGo is compatible with all the smartphones equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.
Thanks to its dedicated app available on Android 7.0 (soon on iOS), it allows the user to make measurements anywhere, at anytime at a reasonable cost.
A modular and customisable device
GoyaLab has developed several modules compatible with the IndiGo and that will offer you additional functionalities :
– Laser Excitation module
– Fluorescence module
– Optical fiber module