This video describes functionnalities of your GoSpectro device.

Here you find the Compatible Smartphones Compatible Smartphones with GoSpectro

and tablets compatible with the gospectro.

This unique application dedicated to gemology brings a new dimension to the study of gemstones. Indeed, you will now be able to compare 2 spectrums in real time. That, of your stone and that of a database. Effectively, the latter includes the spectra of the most common stones such as Zircon, Synthetic Ruby, Apatite and many others. With only a GoSpectro, a smartphone and the GemSpectr application, you will rediscover gemology.

Because your satisfaction is our priority we paid attention to your comments. You will find below, solutions who treat about the most common problems you mentioned. About the GoSpectro, the calibration of the application, the installation etc. 

IndiGo chemical analysis is a pocket size spectrophotometer. It is modular, fits in the palm of your hand.

It allows:

absorption measurement on a liquid contained in a cuvette from  380 nm to 720 nm

fluorescence measurement with UVA excitation (or customised) on a liquid contained in a cuvette

This is a most compact spectrophotometer / fluorescence spectrophotometer on the market.